palawan island mapAs late as 2 million to 10,000 years ago Palawan was believed to be connected by land bridges to borneo, the island to the south was shared by Malaysia and Indonesia and regions far away as india and southchina. Geogologist in fact assert Palawan was a hefty chunk that broke off an entirely different geological plate from the rest of the Philippines.  A specific expalanation for the fact that the province topography and resident species of flora and fauna cannot be found anywhere else in the Philippines but can be seen in asian continents.. Proof of early inhabitants who walked away to Palawan over the land bridges who later sailed across the unchartered waters and made their homes in caves after land bridges disappeared was found in – Tabon Cave, Lipuin point, Quezon. On palawanIsland western coast.  This archeological treasure may have been the earliest human dwellingsin Southeast asia..

Burial jars – 4000 yrs old and items , flake tools used by man some 50,000 years ago to signs such as porcelain ans stoneware from china as early as 12th century.
The early palawenos are the people who planted, traded and gatheres natures bounty. The local tribes were the palaw’an who lived in the mountains; The Tagbanuas who made their homes in the riverbanks and the Batak who foraged and built their dwellings in the forests.

It  was also believed that the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan on an expedition for an exploration for Spanish crown have dropped by the calamianes island on palawans northernmost tip to the far east on 1506. In spreading Christianity by Spanish colonizers  by 1636 .  Historically the place was named after princess Eulalia of Spain born in 1864 to Queen Isabella 2nd and her consort. When the princess suffered an untimely death the Queen changed the name to Puerto dela  Asoncion.

In 1898 the American colonizers took over and John elmick changed the name from Spanish paragua to Palawan and moved the capital to Puerto Princesa as it is known today.


PUERTO PRINCESA CITY, CAPITAL OF last frontier is accessible both by air and by sea.
Several airlines  have Daily flights  available route:. Manila to puerto.
Thrice a week flights are available in Iloilo –> Cebu –> Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa City is an hour away by plane from manila.

Flights offered Daily from manila,( air Philippines, Cebu pacific, Philippine airlines, air asia, tiger airways, zest air)
From Iloilo – Monday, Wednesday and Friday
From Busuanga – Thursdays and sundays
From Cuyo – Wednesday and Saturday